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Mediterranean Conference on Marketing and Communication strategies for Museums, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism.
Main topics

Every year we assign to CulturMed a main topic and related sub-topics.

Cities: from identity to cultural heritage promotion.
Think to "third millennium cities, between identity and innovation" three sub-topics are proposed.

A) The role of Cultural Heritage.
Cities looking for an identity
Cities with international network of relationship
From city to district

B) Tangible and intangible heritage.
Exhibitions and events
Music and Theatres

C) Behind public system.
profit and no-profit
Different model to stay on the "market".

The CulturMed philosophy is to be a factory witch step by step contribution by every speaker.

Speakers will illustrate how their institution or their events will impact on the city economy. In the knowledge economy, cities development will be determined by investment in culture, innovation, research. Within CulturMed we want to discover and understand the key to this world...

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