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CulturMed 2004
Mediterranean Conference on Cultural Tourism, Cultural site, Hospitality and Museum Marketing and Strategy Planning.

2004 Main theme:
Communicating Museums,
Cultural Heritage and the Arts

Catania, Italy:

5, 6 April 2004

Venue: Diocesan Museum, Piazza Duomo - Catania

Chairman: Dr. Neil Kotler
Museum Strategy and Marketing, 1998 ;
Marketing dei musei (Turin, 1999)

Co-chairman: Ledo Prato
Mecenate 90

Co-chairman: Mario Bucolo
Museumland CEO

Organized by ABIS & Museumland
Co-organized with Mecenate 90

and with Comune di Catania, Provincia Regionale di Catania, Catania Chamber of Commerce

With the partecipation of Regione Lombardia &
Regione Sicilia

Workshop: Marketing for Museums and C.H.

April 7, Prof. Neil Kotler, one of the most important experts of cultural marketing in the world (co-Author of the international bestseller “Museum Strategy and Marketing”) will hold a workshop about the main topics of marketing for museums and cultural heritage. The purpose of the workshop is giving a general framework of marketing and communication principle and strategies in order to add value to museums and to the cultural heritage.
Other 4 conferences speaker will be enrich the workshop contents: Mario Bucolo, James Hemsley, Romina Mancuso, Mieke Renders
Duration: 2 hours (in the morning), workshop cost: Euro 130, language: english
Reistration deadline for the workshop: friday April 2
In interested in the workshop
, please use the Partecipation form writing "contact for workshop" in the "comments" field, thanks.

Conference theme:

Communicating Museums, Cultural Heritage and the Arts

Communication and new management models

Official conference languages: English and Italian
(realtime translation)

Conference program

Monday, April, 5, 2004

9: 00

10: 00

Kotler, Prato, Bucolo

Institutional greetings:
Salvo Fleres, Vice President of Sicilian Regional Assembly
Raffaele Lombardo, President of Regional Province of Catania
Stefano Ridolfo: President of Catania Chamber of Commerce
Gaetano Sardo: Councillor for Cultural Heritage of the city of Catania

Neil Kotler
CulturMed 2004, introduction and main topics

Mario Bucolo
Museumland, the WorldWide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage

11:15 Coffee Break

Ledo Prato
Communication and new management models for museums and C.H.

Emilio Cabasino
ECCOM, European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management, Rome
Professionalism and training

Gesualdo Campo
Councillor for C.H. of Province of Catania and Director of Catania Museums Pole
Which management model for the Catania Museums Pole?

Andrea Marmori
Director of Lia Museum, La Spezia
The management of a private donation museum

Alberto Garlandini
Director of museums sector, Lombardy Region
Museums in Lombardy: quality of services and management models

Interventions of the audience and debate

13:15 break for lunch


Neil Kotler
Management models in USA

Mieke Renders
Stedelijke Musea, Brugge
Communication and management models in Benelux

Antoinette Caruana
Heritage Malta, CEO
Management models of Maltese museums

Ledo Prato
Conclusive report of this work session

Interventions of the audience and debate

Marco Marandola
Expert of copyright and electronic license
The copyright in the museum management and communication

Daniele Jalla
President of Icom Italian Committee, Coordinator of museums services - Cuty of Turin
Communication fo C.H., Echo museums
Icom in Italy

Luigi Falco
Mayor of the City of Caserta
Marketing and Communication, not only the Caserta Reggia

Fabio Severino
La Sapienza Universiy, Roma
Sponsorship: Istitution and local development

16:45 Coffee Break

Mirella Cisotto
Director of Exhibition and cultural activities, city of Padova
Scrovegni's Chapel, multimedia systems for the visit

Giovanna Barni
President of Pierreci Communication, Rome, management of Museums poles of Rome and Naples
New models for cultural communication in order to involve the community

Ippolito Calvi di Bergolo
Italian Historic Houses Association, Vicepresident
UEHHA Union of European Historic Houses Association, Governor
Historic houses, European marketing & communication models

Alessandro Bollo
Area research coordinator of Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Turin
Modalities and forms of the museum fruition

Antoinette Caruana
Heritage Malta, CEO
Communication for Maltese C.H.

Chédlia Annabi
Musée National de Carthage, Curator - AFRICOM vicepresident, ICOM Arab general secretariat
African Museums and C.H., Management and Communication models

Cultnat, Center for Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage, Cairo, Egitto
Egyptian Cultural Heritage in the digital age

Interventions of the audience and debate

Kotler, Prato, Bollo, Bucolo
Conclusion about the first day of work

19:30 Cultural Visit Castello Ursino, civic museum. Exhibition "Dei ed eroi del barocco veneziano", Fondazione Queini Stampalia

Tuesday, April, 6 2004

9: 00

Kotler, Prato, Bucolo
Summary of the first day of work

James Hemsley
EVA Conference co-chair and researcher, London
International trends in Museums an IT - From 1980 to the 2010s'

Francesco Antinucci
CNR, National Council of Research
The use of technologies in the communication for museums and C.H.

Alessandro Bollo
Area research coordinator of Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Turin
Visitors studies: innovative research approaches

Noemi Satta
Director of the cultural projects of Bonucchi associated company
Understand visitors behaviour in order to communicate. Visitors studies, the case history of National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Nicola Piepoli
Istituto Piepoli, marketing research, Milan
Market research and visitors studies for museums marketing

Neil Kotler
The communication of museums and C.H. in USA

Nicola Spinosa
Superintendence of Naples museums Pole
Communication, museums and art exhibition: the case of Naples.

Raffaella Bianchi, Lorena Bari
NonSoloModa, Canale 5 - Mediaset, Milan
When television narrates museums: viewed by Nonsolomoda

Patrizia Boglione
Vice President Art Director Club Italy, Rome
The role of Art Director in the cultural communication

Case History: Tate Britain, Brand Toolkit

Interventions of the audience and debate

13:00 break for lunch


Neil Kotler
Museums marketing

Paal Mork
Norsk Folkemuseum, Head of Communications, Oslo
ICOM, International Committee for Marketing and Public Relations, Chairman
Marketing and PR, The activities of the ICOM/MPR international committee

Romina Mancuso
Expert of public relations for museums, Palermo
Public relations for museums

Debate and propose for the institution of the ICOM/MPR Italian committee

Neil Kotler
Stories, Culture, Images and Marketing

Mario Bucolo
The BroadVisibility concept, to give visibility to museums and C.H.

Round table between Councillors for C.H. of Lombardy and Sicily Region

Prato, Bucolo

Alberto Garlandini
Director of museums sector, Lombardy Region

Fabio Granata
Councillor for Cultural Heritage, Sicily Region

Interventions of the audience and debate

Kotler, Prato, Bucolo
Final conclusion

Who should attend:

The conference will be of particular use to: a) cultural leaders; b) hospitality and tourism industry leaders; c) government leaders; d) public administration leaders; e) business leaders; f) University and education leaders; g) media and communications technology leaders. Raising the level of tourism will stimulate economic growth in most other sectors of the economy. The conference also will provide a timely set of exchanges between leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry, on the one hand, and leader of cultural institutions (museums, archaeological areas, performing arts), on the other. The conference is open to leaders from Sicily and Italy, other Mediterranean and European nations, and from the Middle East.

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